The Christian Heritage Centre

Ancient Byzantine Iconography Course [residential course]

25th June - 1st July 2022

A 7-day iconography course in the Ancient Byzantine style, led by the Prosopon School of Iconography.

Past Events

The Search for Truth:
Engaging Philosophy & Theology
[residential course]

27th - 30th August 2021

In partnership with CEPHAS, this course explores foundational themes in Thomistic philosophy and theology.

Faith & Reason:
A Catholic Integration
[residential course]

5th - 8th August 2021

A course designed to offer a foundation for understanding the relationship of faith with philosophy, science and culture.

Imagining Reality
[study weekend]

20th - 22nd September 2019

A study weekend exploring the connection between reading, imagination, and character formation through the lens of English literature, with special reference to J.R.R. Tolkien.