The Christian Heritage Centre

A 7-day course in

Ancient Byzantine Iconography

4th - 10th June 2024

Offering two separate icons and tracks for novices and experienced iconographers

A 7-day icon-writing course led by Deacon Nikita Andrejev, of the Prosopon School of Iconology

Over the 7 days of this iconography course, students will develop the contemplative practice of icon writing using the ancient art of liquid egg tempera technique.

The teaching of the technical craft of icon writing will be accompanied by the study of the theological world view from which the practice emerged. The practical demonstrations and direction will therefore be framed by a discussion of the symbolic meaning of the iconic forms, of the materials and of the processes involved.

Surrounded by peace and beautiful scenery, this week-long immersion into an ancient form of prayer and the accompanying technique serves as an excellent opportunity to refresh and recreate your soul in prayer and a warm community environment.

“I don’t know of any other course at such a high standard, with plenty of theological & spiritual input”

“Nikita is an incredibly inspiring teacher”

“Wonderful ambience, stunning setting, warm welcome”

St John the Baptist iconOur course welcomes both novices to the Prosopon technique and more experienced iconographers alike.

Novices (less than 4 icons written in the Prosopon technique) will write an icon of either St Michael or St Gabriel (archangels).

Experienced participants (at least 4 icons written in the Prosopon technique) will write an icon of St John the Baptist.

The theological and spiritual input will be given to the class as a whole.

Separate demonstrations for each step of the two icons will be offered to the two groups separately.

The novice group will benefit from the support of an additional tutor and supervised skills practice.

For years Nikita Andreyev apprenticed to his father, Vladislav Andreyev, complimenting this experience with postgraduate theological studies in Paris and the United States.

As a member of the faculty team of the Prosopon School of Iconology, Nikita has contributed to the development of unique teaching methods. The resulting workshop experience enables participants to create and grow through their icon making, developing spiritually through each icon.

Since its founding in the 1980s, the School has rediscovered lost techniques of the ancient art of liquid egg tempera and has helped ignite a renewed interest in icons across the USA and the western world.

                                                  For more information about Deacon Nikita Andrejev, please click here.

Theodore House offers a wonderful venue for icon painting. With abundant natural light from the glass roof panels flooding the atrium, this is an inspiring venue for icon painting. The tranquil and beautiful surroundings of the Stonyhurst estate offer an ideally peaceful setting. The first floor gallery, which gives access to the comfortable, en-suite bedrooms, affords a birds-eye view of the workshop below. Guests will also enjoy the comfortable recreational spaces and a beautifully lanscaped garden.

For more information about Theodore House, please click here.

Classes start in the morning of Tuesday 4th June. Residential participants are welcome to arrive from 6pm on Monday 3rd June, with dinner being included that evening.

Classes end in the afternoon of Monday 10th June, with departures from approx. 4pm.

We are conveniently situated an hour’s drive from Manchester Airport, which is well-connected internationally.

Once you have booked your flights, please provide us with your flight details. 

We will aim to arrange either a pick-up or shared transport with other course participants, either from Manchester Airport itself, or from Preston train station, which has a direct connection to Manchester airport.

Bed and breakfast for extra nights around the course may be be booked at a discounted rate, subject to availability.

Full board* & lodging, single room: £940 p.p.

Full board* & lodging, twin room: £840 p.p.

Non-residential, full board (lunch and dinner*): £660 p.p.

A non-refundable deposit of £250 will be required upon booking.

Balance of course fees will be due 1 month before the course, but may be spread over several installments prior to this date.

*Please note: all meals on this course are fish or vegetarian, as is the custom in this work.

“It was an amazing experience”

“It is always a privilege and a humble experience to be part of an icon painting class; but it is particularly with this class that I learnt the most and had the most change in myself”

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