The Christian Heritage Centre

Stations of the North

Stations of the North is an initiative of the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst to create a sculptural representation of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, based in a small woodland Stonyhurst. It will be situated in the woodland behind Theodore House and will allow for the traditional devotions of the Stations of the Cross, while reminding people of modern suffering and the contemporary persecutions of Christians in our hurting world.
The Fourteen Stations will be added to by a final Fifteenth Stations depicting the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Stations will be available to pupils at Stonyhurst College, those on residential or day retreats at Theodore House, and those Studying at the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst.
The Trustees of the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst are working with the internationally acclaimed British Sculptor Stephen Broadbent and Andy Thomson from the award winning Landscape design Studio BCA Landscape to bring this vision to a reality.