The Christian Heritage Centre

God's Good Servant: Washington DC

The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst in partnership with the St John Paul II National Shrine in Washington DC hosted an exhibition dedicated to the life and legacy of St Thomas More. 50 artifacts from the Stonyhurst Collection were sympathetically displayed, along with a few artifacts from the Archdiocese of Baltimore, creating a historical and devotional exhibition of the very highest standard.

The exhibition sought to portray Thomas More as his family, friends, and colleagues knew him. It examined the complex political, religious, and deeply personal issues with which he had to deal. More served a king who reveared learning but who would tolerate no opposition and who refused to recognize ant man’s conscience but his own. The displays revealed life in Catholic England before the Reformation, the religious controversies of More’s life and times, his public and private life, his trial and execution.

The Exhibition explored the rich legacy of Thomas More and his lasting inspiration to people of conscience. Specifically, it explored the impact of Thomas More on John Carroll, the only Catholic signatory of the American Declaration of Independence, in their struggle for independence and religious liberty in early America. The exhibition also demonstrates how the example of More has survived the succeeding ages, lending strength to those still struggling for religious freedom in current times.

“England, rich as she is in talents, has only one genius and that is More” – Erasmus.

The Fellowship of God's Good Servant

The Fellowship of God’s Good Servant is to be conferred by the trustees of the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst.