The Christian Heritage Centre

The Fellowship of God's Good Servant

The Fellowship of God’s Good Servant recognises men and women who like Saint Thomas More, have put their service and loyalty to God before all things.

The invitation is made by The Royal Patrons of The Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhrust, The Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor, on the advice of the Chairman and board of Trustees.

Along with a certificate a silver medal is presented.  The obverse of the medal bears an image of St Thomas More created by sculptress Danuta Solowiej based on the Portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, for which she was awarded a silver medal by the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council competition for the portrait.

The reverse was made directly from the seal of St Thomas More bearing his coat of arms, which he used when he was sub-treasurer of England’s exchequer.  The seal now belongs to the Society of Jesus, and it is cared for at Stonyhurst.

The medals are minted by Thomas Fattorini and one has been included in the collection of The British Museum.

The members of the Fellowship of God’s Good servant are:

Carl Anderson – 2018
Thomas Abraham – 2018

Leonard Leo – 2019

Lord Alton – 2019

The secretary of the Fellowship of God’s Good Servant is Anton’ de Piro.