The Christian Heritage Centre

The Drama Displayed:
A Journey of Salvation
[online evening talks]

14 January-25th March @7:30pm

Six talks, six moments in Salvation History

Reflections on key Biblical themes, illustrated with artistic masterpieces.

Online at 7:30pm every second Thursday, beginning 14th January. Please register at the bottom of this page for a link.

Stefan Kaminski
14th January - In the Beginning

A reflection on Genesis 1 and 2, on the nature of God, the mystery of Creation and man’s relationship to God, with the aid of Michelangelo’s series of paintings on creation.

Stefan Kaminski is the Director of The Christian Heritage Centre. He gained a licentiate from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome, specialising in theological anthropology. Prior to that, he studied for degrees in Philosophy and in Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. He has worked in a wide variety of parishes and in schools, as a catechist and teacher.

Dr David Torevell
28th January - The Naked Truth

The talk will focus on humanity’s first disobedience in Genesis 3, and the resulting experience of loss and shame, supported by an examination of Masaccio’s “The Expulsion”.

Dr David Torevell is currently an Honorary Research Fellow at Leeds Trinity University, before which he taught Religion and Philosophy at Liverpool Hope University. Prior to that he spent eighteen years teaching in Catholic secondary schools.

Fr John Hemer
11th February - A Great Love Song

A talk based on the Song of Songs: the great love song at the heart of the Bible. Following humanity’s distancing from God, the Old Testament tells the story of God’s loving approach to humanity, which is captured in the poetry of the Song of Songs.

Fr John Hemer is a Mill Hill missionary who has worked in Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda, as well as the UK. He is a scripture scholar, specialising in the Old Testament, who has lectured and taught throughout his ministry.

Dr Caroline Farey
25th February - The Greatest Gift

God’s approach to us as Son and Redeemer, in the person of Jesus Christ, is the pivotal point of human history. Several artistic pieces will be used to aid in a reflection on the mystery of the Incarnation and of our Redemption in this talk.


Dr Caroline Farey has taught catechesis, theology and philosophy for many years throughout the English-speaking world. She has held several important positions, having also been appointed by the Vatican as one of the lay experts at the Synod on the New Evangelisation. She has a passion for Sacred Art, which she has long made use of in her teaching.

Pam Moon
11th March - Signs of Passion

This talk will be based around the Turin Shroud, offering a very visual aid to the sufferings of Our Lord in His Passion and Death, as well as some insights into the history and study of the Shroud.

Pam Moon is a researcher and scholar on the Turin Shroud. She is the possessor of one of only six, full-size replicas of the Shroud, around which she has developed an exhibition. She has been lecturing on the Shroud and exhibiting the replica for many years.

Sr Emanuela Edwards
25th March - The Life to Come

A reflection on the Last Things, which are most vividly spoken of in the Book of Revelation, but also given concrete shape by the Gospels. Amongst others, Michelangelo’s Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel will provide an artistic aid to this talk.

Sr Emanuela Edwards is a member of the Missionaries of Divine Revelation, an apostolic community orientated towards the New Evangelisation. She has worked extensively with the Vatican Museums delivering tours and talks on Art and Faith.

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