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Saint Theodore – a Bishop for our times

19th September 2022

Saint Theodore: a Bishop for our times

Today is the memorial of St Theodore of Tarsus, the namesake of the home of the Christian Heritage Centre. But what else do we know about his life, and what lessons should Catholics take from it?

St Theodore was born in around 600AD in Tarsus, now part of Turkey, but which was then a predominantly Greek settlement in the Byzantine Empire. His studies took him first to Constantinople, and later Rome, where he initially planned on becoming a monk. However, his plans changed when in 669, he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Church that St Theodore found on his arrival in England had many problems. The dioceses were too large and many did not have bishops in their posts. St Theodore revitalised the Church, visiting all the dioceses of England, and appointing bishops to vacant sees. He managed to reconcile clergy who had fallen out, and held the first synod for the entire province of Canterbury. After his death in 690, St Bede wrote that St Theodore was “the first archbishop whom all the English obeyed”. 

St Theodore’s life exemplified the call for unity among Christians. He had travelled all the way across Europe from Tarsus to Canterbury. But during this time, St Theodore was always part of the same “Catholic and Apostolic Church” affirmed each Sunday in the Creed. Moreover,  St Theodore had managed to end to the divisions that had plagued the Church. Through this and more, St Theodore truly lived to St Paul’s command to the Galatians that “all one in Christ Jesus”.

In 2017, work began on renovating a derelict mill owned by Stonyhurst College in Lancashire. When the building was completed in 2019, it was given the name Theodore House. One reason for this was the donation made to The Christian Heritage Centre by the Theodore Trust of over £2 million, with which the Trust made its final bequest and closed down. This donation effectively gave wheels to the Old Mill project (no pun intended), breathing life into the carefully drawn-up plans. Given the charity’s intention of making use of the new building to help revitalise the Christian faith in our country, as well as St Theodore’s relevance to England and his veneration by Orthodox, Catholic and Anglicans alike, the name seemed all the more fitting.

Opened in February 2019 by Lord Nicholas Windsor, Theodore House not only hosts the charity’s courses, conferences and retreats, but it also provides facilities for bed and breakfast, as well as space for private functions.

We ask for his intercession for the future of the Christian Heritage Centre and for the future of the Catholic Church in England & Wales.

St Theodore, pray for us!

Source: The Catholic Encyclopaedia/New Advent

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Pastoral Practice Today [clergy webinars]

Pastoral Practice Today
[clergy webinars]

Thursdays @4pm GMT

Pastoral Practice Today is a series of webinars aimed at clergy. The series offers input on different themes relevant to today’s ministry in the Catholic Church and beyond, aiming to offer clergy professional, ongoing support for their ministry.

Webinars take place at 4pm GMT on the advertised Thursdays. Please register at the bottom of this page.

Legislation and Liturgy: Church- State relationships in the light of the pandemic
Thursday 18th March

Bishop John Keenan, of Paisley Diocese, Scotland, will offer an introduction to this webinar.

Lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom International will then examine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the government’s relationship with the Church. In particular, the issue of corporate worship and the administration of the sacraments stands at the heart of debate over religious rights and the government’s mandate to protect public health.

ADFI is a faith-based legal advocacy organization that protects fundamental freedoms and promotes the inherent dignity of all people.  ADFI has considerable international experience of religious and civil liberties legislation, and has assisted with several legal proceedings related to the current pandemic.

Post-Abortion Healing
Thursday 15th April

Rachel’s Vineyard has been offering a ministry of healing and support since 1994 to
those suffering from the trauma of abortion.

The presentation will include how to recognise symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome, testimonies from those who have been through the trauma of abortion and found God’s mercy and healing
though Rachel’s Vineyard, plus input from a priest who is a chaplain to one of the teams in the UK.

A Crisis of Identity and Sexual Difference
Thursday 22nd July

The notion of identity is, today, one that is increasingly liquid and ultimately considered to be uncertain. This presentation will examine the roots of this crisis of identity. It will then consider the area of human sexuality (in terms of sexual and gender identity) as a particular expression of our identity and therefore in its relation to this crisis.

Rev. Dr. Alberto Frigero is a priest of the Diocese of Milan and Assistant Professor of Ethics of Life at the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences in Milan and lecturer of Religion at the Professional Training Center “In-Presa” in Carate Brianza, Italy. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery and obtained a Master in Integrative Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He obtained his Licentiate and Doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Theological John Paul II Institute in Rome and Washington.

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