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Integrating Spirit, Mind & Body
[webinars for mental
health professionals]

Promoting mental health with Christian wisdom

Two webinars for mental health professionals seeking to unite their faith and practice

***The talks are made available freely with the request for a donation to support our costs.***

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Integrating Spirit, Mind & Body is intended to offer a forum for Christian mental health professionals to learn from and support each other in their work.

Building on the fundamental Christian vision of the human person as a unity of soul and body, the two webinars examine the relationship of soul and of body to mental health. Olivia Raw examines the healthy attitudes and mindsets that are promoted by Christian wisdom and spirituality, and Elizabeth Corcoran explores the benefits for mental health in caring for our body in a holistic manner.

About the speaker:

Olivia Raw is an accredited and registered psychotherapist, who currently works in private practice in central London.  She is also a Catholic Chaplain at University College London and SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies.) Olivia has worked with young people for over twenty years, and is also on the international board of the World Youth Alliance. She is a lay member of the Verbum Dei Missionary Family.